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Fresh Thinking
Marketing & Branding

Newsworthy well-written PR, targeted earned editorial, a strong brand message, speaking spots and supporting collateral will all combine to provide a high level of brand recognition and value to your customer.

We offer total re-branding and marketing strategy to get your top search engine results, media exposure and brand recognition.  Features in top news and industry publications, interview with major international news television programs, white paper presentations at industry conferences, are use a few of the targeted opportunities our skilled team of passionate and determined marketing professional will focus on.

Our Experience
  • Feature Published Articles
  • Broadcasted news features
  • Top 3 Search Ranking for Keywords
  • Industry Awards
  • Speaking Engagements at International Conferences
Product Design and Development

For customers considering energy storage: We help you identify which system you need and the appropriate components that will create a seamless solution.  This includes: inverters, power management controls, batteries, and generators.  The key to a seamless system is selecting the partners you know can work together.

For energy storage companies: The C-Rate Solutions engineering team will help refine your product: custom tailoring it for use in specific market niches.  C-Rate Solutions has an available team of more than 10 senior mechanical, electrical and software engineers.

Refine your product
  • Design reviews
  • Advice on testing and validation
  • Design Failure Mode & Effect Analysis
  • Class project approval
  • Software interfaces between partners
  • Wiring diagrams
Business Management

Through real life lessons learned (sometimes the hard way), our team of experts will help you find the fastest, smartest and safest route to the energy storage solution that works for you and your customer for years to come.

C-Rate Solutions was created to meet demand from a new industry.  During his tenure as CEO and founder of the word’s first industrial energy storage company, Brent Perry, CEP of CRS, saw many energy storage manufacturers struggling to find their way to the industry.  Where he and his team found success, he saw companies with excellent products focusing on the wrong markets, struggling with operational inefficiencies or poor understanding of where their products provide value to end users.

  • Industrialization Strategy
  • Procurement
  • Policy + Government
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