Meet the Team at C-Rate
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C-Rate Solutions was created to meet demand from a new industry.  During his tenure as CEO and founder of the word’s first industrial energy storage company, Brent Perry, CEO of CRS, saw many energy storage manufacturers struggling to find their way in the industry.  Where he and his team found success, he saw companies with excellent products focusing on the wrong markets, struggling with operational inefficiencies or poor understanding of where their products provide value to end users.

Meet the Leadership Team
Brent Perry
CEO - The Visionary
So in 2009 I founded an energy storage company that become, if you what the vessel that I could build to realize how a company should run. While other companies were focussed on the obvious markets like automotive and grid energy storage, we focussed on a sector that had never been explored – heavy industrial and marine hybrid. Put together as a package, it was then and is now a very compelling idea. After five years of developing the industrial energy storage industry, it become apparent that there are a lot of companies that would benefit from my acquired knowledge. This was the driving motivation to create C-Rate Solutions; to not only help other companies build better, bigger, stronger, faster and less expensive energy storage products, but also make it a lot more purpose-driven and thus drive the positive change in the world that is so important to all of us.
VP Marketing & Brand
The Inspirer
Driven by a need to “leave it better than he found it”, Grant is a passionate environmentalist. Previous to C-Rate Solutions, Grant helped establish the world’s first industrial energy storage company.  Starting in 2009, and subsequently in the following years, he helped to define thecompany and the team that worked there, as industry thought leaders.  Grant has been quoted in Forbes, had a feature in Wired and The Economist magazine, has been interviewed on Global TV and BBC World News, and has introduced the power of industrial energy storage technology to the world.
Marketing Manager
Silvie is an outgoing, positive force at C-Rate Solutions and is motivated by the positive impact her work brings to the world.  Having spent the last 9 years specializing in start-up green technology companies, her focus is on creative digital, communication and online marketing. Silvie is constantly thinking outside the box; her unique thinking brings a fresh approach to digital, content and online campaigns. Some milestones in her career include having content featured on TEDx, and a digital marketing piece in Forbes.  Her marketing programs are focused, simple and clear, delivered in an easy to digest form that has helped the companies she has worked for become global leaders in their respective fields.
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